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Oast   Our Animals: Free-range and grass-fed

Our sheep are mainly British Suffolk crosses and Jacobs. We use Texel, Charolais and Suffolk rams. We are delighted that our lambs won 1st PRIZE at the Ashford Christmas Fatstock Show 2011 in the Commercial category.

Our cows are a mixture of breeds. We use a Hereford, Sussex or Belgian Blue bull to produce the finest meat.

Our pigs are bought as weaners from a traditional breed. The Kune Kune pigs are family pets and most definitely not for sale or consumption!

This family-run business prides itself on its animal welfare. Our livestock are free-range, grazing in the fields around the farm and the local area. The animals are taken to a local abattoir, where they are butchered and packed to our customers' specification.

Cherry Tree Farm is part of the Farm Assured programme, which works with farmers, food processors and caterers to assure food quality and safety. Farmers producing food that qualifies to carry a Red Tractor logo are independently inspected and meet minimum legal requirements for food safety, environmental protection and animal welfare.
Shearing time at the farm

Red Tractor accreditation
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