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A list of our produce
  • whole, half or quarter
    (a whole lamb will cost approx. 100)
  • joints
  • chops
  • mince or sausages

  • selection boxes by weight
    (a 15kg box will cost approx. 100)
  • roast joints
  • steaks
  • mince and burgers

  • selection boxes by weight
  • roasting joints
  • chops
  • sausages

  • Bronze, free-range, whole by weight

  • steak & ale pies in a variety of sizes
  • steak & kidney pies in a variety of sizes
More rain on the way?
We have fresh produce around the time of the farmers' market. If you would like something specific, please phone a week or so before to order. We always have a stock of frozen meat. This is not an exhaustive list. If there's anything else you would like, please ask.

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